25 Blue Swirl Nails – Stunning Nail Designs for You

Nail art is becoming a new trend today! Many girls are following this trend! And you must also hop on this trend! How about making blue swirl nails? It will look dreamy, for sure! 

Furthermore, we have some astonishing blue swirl nail ideas. These patterns are so fashionable and exciting that you will surely fall for them! They will give you feelings of joy! Pair these nails with any fabulous blue shade in your wardrobe! 

Below, we feature some awesome blue swirl nail designs from fairy tales! All you need is a soft nail art brush and unshaky hands! Apply swirl nail art and look magnificent!

Let’s start!

Blue Swirl Designs for Pointed Nails

Blue waves

blue swirl nails with waves

You would love the textures of this nail art! The above blue swirl nail art unleashes creativity. Its versatile hues always impress! 

Are you an Instagrammer? Please take a picture of your nail design and post it on social media! You’re sure to get plenty of likes!

Swirly Magic

Blue Swirl Magic

Welcome the rainy season with this swirly blue magic! Transform your look and style with this delicate nail art and a magic wand. 

Especially if you’re someone who loves long nails, pick this nail style. You can gracefully flaunt your nails with the above nail art style. 

Aesthetic Blue Swirls

Aesthetic Blue Swirls

Trust us! This nail art design will undoubtedly steal the spotlight! It will complement your outfits effortlessly! 

The shade of blue adds a unique twist to this beautiful look! The above timeless design is perfect for those who love a touch of drama. 

Hide & Seek Blue

Hide and Seek Blue Swirls

Now, take your nail game to the next level! The above short blue swirl nail art is simple and sober. Its simplicity speaks volumes!

As said, it is perfect for casual events like office parties. It’s also perfect for a simple date night and hang out. 

Light and Dark Blue

Light and Dark Blue Swirls

The above nail art is perfect for a stand-out crowd. Embrace this design’s bold hues and flaunt your style. 

It will add an enchanting look to your entire outfit for the day. 

Elegant Blue Swirls

Elegant Blue Swirls

The above nail art design opens the door to creativity! It is meticulously designed with silver and gold shimmer. 

The white background looks even more graceful. It suits perfectly with blue details. The above nail design will transform your nails into a vision of an ocean wave

Blue Swirl Designs for Oval Nails

Blue Sea Shale

Blue Sea Shale

The above blue swirl nails add a nice contrast to your nails. With a swirl shape, it makes your nails come to life. 

You can wear this nail art for any special celebration or occasion. With this nail art, you can instantly shift from an everyday look to a party look.  

Blue Swirl Styles

Blue Swirl Styles

The above-nail design looks super cool! It has silent features of a pastel blue color. 

This nail design gives you a unique look that’s hard to replicate. The colors naturally blend and make your nails stand out. 

Light and Bold Blue

Light and Bold Blue Swirl

The above nail design is too cute to ignore! Blue is often associated with cool, cold, and calm nature. The subtle blue look is still on-trend!

Blue and white nail polish looks pretty together! It’s a perfect design for you to flaunt at parties and grand functions. 

Glossy Blue Fingertips

Glossy Blue Fingertips

Would you love a nail polish look tip? The above blue swirl nail art covers your nail tips! 

It’s a bold look and also the trendiest design. Also, it’s glamorous enough to get attention from everywhere! 

Light Blue

Light Blue Swirls

Are you in love with light colors? If yes, then this nail color is just made for you!

It’s so attractive and unique. The above design will suit any light-shade outfit. You’re sure to look beautiful. 

Vampire Blue

Vampire Blue Swirls

This design is perfect for Halloween festivals. It’s the trendiest design of all. The above design is ideal when you’re in the mood to try something unique and different. 

These nails look mesmerizing enough to grab attention! You’re sure to look like a show-stopper with these prettiest nails.

Nail Designs by Silver Shimmer 

Stars Swirls

blue swirl nails with stars

When it comes to shiny glitter, there is nothing like too much! You will fall in love with this blue swirl nail design. 

The above design looks lovely when paired with something traditionally feminine. 

Dark Sea Swirl

Dark Sea Swirl nails

It’s a perfect nail color for those who love sequins. You will love to flaunt with this dark shade blue swirl nail idea!

White & Silver

White & Silver Nails with Blue Swirls

You can wear these nails all year. The magical nails will look perfect on you!

Get fancy fingers with this beautiful nail design. Its look is very trendy and colorful. You will love the shiny and sparkling style of it. 

Ocean Blue Swirls

Ocean Blue Swirls

Are you in love with darker blue shades? If yes, then this color shade can be your favorite. 

Elevate your style with these blue swirl nails. You will love to flaunt this astonishing color combination. Wear it with your favorite outfit. It will give off a glamorous feel. 

It’s perfect to celebrate womanhood. The above nail art design will look best on you at all times!

Sky Blue Swirls

Sky Blue Swirl Nails

Just looking at these nails, we’re falling for it! Is there a similar scenario for you? Let us know!

The above blue swirl nail art is perfect for a functional look. Also, it seems easy to create at home. You can try it by yourself or go to the salon. 

Dark Blue & White Combination

dark blue and white swirl nails

Send this nail art inspiration to your best friend! Make them ready for the show! This nail design is so bright and attention-grabbing!

It’s so elegant and suits your style. Paint these blue swirls on a neutral white background. You’re ready to flaunt it!

Nail Designs by Gold Shimmer

Blue and Gold Swirls

Blue and Gold Swirls

The above blue swirl nail design is our favorite. This nail art is surprisingly versatile and suits best with golden hues and swirls.

It’s a simple yet stunning swirl nail art design. Moreover, it’s a modern color and looks just fabulous. 

Square Shine

Blue and Gold Swirls Nails

It’s bold and unique! The above design is so gorgeous that you will love it. These nails are show-stoppers, for sure! 

If you want positive inspiration, this nail art is the one!

Maybe it’s how colors flow together and create an elegant nail design.

It will work with almost every blue outfit, whether it’s casual or traditional! This is a nail design art option every girl should consider!

Magical Gold Swirls

Magical Gold Swirls

The golden swirls and blue & white background makes the design so captivating. Well, the different variations of golden shine make you stunned! It steals the spotlight!

It’s such a versatile style, and you can flaunt it! The vibrant gold design adds a bonus to the blue and white background. You’re sure to stand out in the crowd with this simple design.

Golden Abstract Blue Swirls

Golden Abstract Blue Swirls

Are you looking to add a bit of spice and style to your look? The above nail art design is just designed for you! It’s perfect for dates, valentines, or when you’re in a good mood. 

The above swirl nail design suits each nail differently. It’s enigmatic and will suit your style. Also, the design has got perfect symmetry. These look fabulous. 

Gold Crystals & Swirls

Gold Crystals & Swirls

A different take on the style! It’s a great color combination. The blue swirl nails’ shades are great, and the sequins on top of them look fantastic. 

The shades are unique. And the sequins suit the light pink background. Trust us! You’re looking for and will fall in love with the above lovely combination!

Mermaid Golden Swirls

Mermaid Golden Swirls

The above mermaid golden swirl design is statement-worthy! It’s so stunning and will look worthy on you. 

The delicate sequin design looks perfect in pastel shades. Seriously, it is so cute! The above nail style is trendy these days! You will love it. Wear it with any of your casual dresses or a one-piece!

Elegant Gold & Blue Lagoon

Elegant Gold & Blue Lagoon

The above blue swirl nail design has more astounding effects of blue color. The golden elements look so stunning. You can avoid using glittery details if that’s not your style. 

It looks so unique! The above nail art design looks fantastic. Its golden elements add golden hues to it. The above blue nail design has a minimalist look. It’s a perfect match for a confident lady like you!


These captivating blue swirl nail arts add a classy touch to your everyday look. Swirl designs are one thing that you shouldn’t miss out on! They’re so easy to do at home and in the salon.

The minimalist designs are a perfect fit for formal and casual events. Also, these designs will go well with everyday college or office looks. 

The fancy and bold designs listed above are made for functions and parties. You can set the stage with these blue swirl nail art designs. They are a perfect fit for weddings, anniversaries, or any classy occasion! 

Just wear any of the blue swirl nail designs! And leave lasting impressions!

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