100+ Halloween Nail Designs To Try, From Cute To Creepy

Well! Well! Halloween is approaching, and we cannot wait to accentuate our outfits, accessories, and makeup with the appropriate scary garments. But are you getting all the benefits while you are all set with the company and makeup? 

You must emphasize your nails with the scariest designs for the upcoming Halloween party. But no! We will not let you get into a situation where you cannot show up with your entire costume. So, with that token, we are here presenting more than hundreds of nail designs you must try out.

In this article, we have assembled 100+ Halloween nail designs that begin from the cutest to the creepiest, with exquisite colors, abstract designs, funky creations, and whatnot you could ever try. Check out the complete article to learn more about it and to make your Halloween party look much more horrifying than ever.

100+ Best Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween nail designs will require quirkiness and techniques ranging from the simple to the wildest. In the following part of the article, we have covered everything you are looking for at the upcoming Halloween party. Check out the 100+ Halloween nail designs that you must try out!

Spooky Sanrio Halloween Nail Design

Spooky Sanrio Halloween nail design

If you are all set to try something quirky and out of your style, you must check out these spooky Sanrio nails that are perfect for your upcoming Halloween party. These could be tested with simple black and white nail colors with a hint of pink. 

Spooky Disneyland 

Spooky Disneyland 

Again, this is one of the creepiest nail designs you can get done at the nail salon for this Halloween party. But try adding some elements and designs, such as a pumpkin, a spider web, and more. Also, you can try out this whole work with hot orange and black nail designs for Halloween, which will go exceptionally well. 

Happy Halloween Nail Designs

Happy Halloween nail designs

Oh! For this design, you must come away from your comfort zone, as this design is loaded with an intense method that cringes and creeps simultaneously. This requires assistance, so you can get these nails done at the nail salon instead.

Simple Halloween Nail Designs

Simple Halloween nail designs

Because you cannot come out of your comfort zone and would prefer something simple and easy to create, these nails will take very little time to get done and require a maximum of three nail colors: white, black, and green. Green is used to give some hints. 

Coraline’s Halloween Nail Designs

Coraline's Halloween nail designs

Get a little quirky and try these coralline nail designs that come easily with minimal effort. These nails will look perfect for your Halloween party; you do not have to put extra effort into flaunting them. 

Vintage Halloween Nails

Vintage Halloween nails

If you look forward to returning to the retro era and trying old-age fashion, these nails are worth retrying for your upcoming party. For this, you will need well-maintained nails and some nail paints such as green, yellow, orange, white, black, and cream, and you will be good to get them on.

Pumpkin Queen

Pumpkin Queen

You can always get these pumpkin queen nails for the upcoming Halloween party that is right around the corner. You can create a face design on any selected nail while using a different abstract design on other nails to complete the look. 

The Nightmare Halloween Nails

The Nightmare Halloween nails

These nightmare nails have a different vibe. You can get them for the party and flaunt them in various colors like purple, pink, green, black, white, and whatnot. You can mix and blend it just the way you want it. 

Dark Themed Nails

Dark themed nails

The most terrifying nails on the list are these darkness-themed nails blended with solid black, white, and deep red colors, giving the most horrifying look ever. With this unique design, you can try them out and stand out. 

 Hocus Pocus Halloween Nail Designs

 Hocus pocus Halloween nail designs

Suppose you want to hold on to that creepiest sector of designs. In that case, you can try out these quirky and funky nails blended around green, orange, and many other hot colors that easily elevate your whole look without putting effort into dressing up too much. 

Trick Treat

Trick treat

The perfect color combination and the perfect nails for Halloween are here. For these nail designs, all you will need are blue, orange, and golden glitter and some jewels to get going. The color is so good that it gives you the vibes you want.

Tim Burton Dogs

Tim Burton dogs

These Tim Burton dogs are created with blue, white, and black nail designs for Halloween and a hint of deep purple glitter to complete the look. You can make designs in white to accentuate your nails. 

Corpse Bride Halloween Nail Designs

Corpse Bride Halloween nail designs

If you want to try something out of the box, then this design is what you must drop on your bucket list. The corpse bride is simply the dark magic it creates around your nails while giving it the most horrifying hint. 

Forever Spooky

Forever spooky

To create your look with different shades of nail polish, you can go with these nail trends designed around selected nail paints while giving the perfect Halloween vibes you are looking for. 

Lady Ioki

Lady loki

Lady Loki is, again, one of the finest choices you can make for the upcoming Halloween party that is coming your way. You will require green glitter nail paint and other colors to create elements for this. These nails are absolutely what you need for the party. 

Unlucky Halloween Nail Designs

Unlucky Halloween nail designs

These are the most loved nails on the list; however, this requires additional effort, but you get it done at a good nail salon for the perfect nails. A coat of clear nail paint will complete the look with a glossy finish.



You can always go right with getting the correct elements on your nails. These are the most known elements for a Halloween party that match the vibes like magic. You can finish these with white and black nail designs for Halloween and a hint of yellow.

Monster Halloween Nail Designs

Monster Halloween nail designs

Halloween must-haves are monsters. These nails could be easily created, with some simple designs and letters to go with them. You can use soft colors like green, pink, yellow, and more to complete the look.

Spooky Dats and Skies

Spooky bats and skies

Create spooky bats and skies on your nails, giving a perfect Halloween vibe. These nails are easy to create, look minimal, and go great with any personality. You only need black, gray, and purple nail polish to finish the look.

Wolf Halloween Nail Designs

Wolf Halloween nail designs

Wolf’s nails are always the finest choice to create and will go seamlessly with the Halloween party vibes. These nails are funky and creepy, just like what you want for Halloween. 

Haunt Themed

Haunt themed

The deep red and black theme with spider web elements is what you need for Halloween. These nails look terrifying, and you will love how they turn out. Give these nails a hint of white glimmer to finish the look.

Boo-tiful Magenta Halloween Nail Designs

Boo-tiful magenta Halloween nail designs

To get the cutest look for this Halloween, you must try these magnet-themed nails that run around beautifying your nails and giving them the texture and essence you are looking for.

The Mummy’s Nails

The mummy's nails

Your Halloween party will only be complete if you try your hands at these mummy nails. These nails are big bangs and give you the seamless vibes you need for the day. These could be created around white, black, and purple nail polish. 

Cute Zombie Halloween Nail Designs

Cute zombie Halloween nail designs

Could zombies be cute? If your answer is no, Then it would be best to try these adorable pink and purple zombies for Halloween. You can also blend this look with the color of your choice, and it will look great either way.

Spicy Pumpkin

Spicy pumpkin

Create spicy pumpkin nails that are just the perfect nails for the Halloween party. These could be created with orange and black nail designs for Halloween and some glitter, and you will be good to go and flaunt your nails just the way you like them.

Spiders and Skeleton Halloween Nail Designs

Spiders and skeleton Halloween nail designs

Spiders and skeleton designs are the must-try methods on your nails for the scary part right around the corner. These nails can be drafted with a little effort, but you will thoroughly enjoy the process.

Simple But Spooky

Simple but spooky

For that simple and cute look, you can try out these black and white spooky nails that can be done without much effort or time. Moreover, you can do it yourself in the comfort of your home. 

Creepy cute Halloween nail design

Creepy cute Halloween nail design

If you want to add creepiness and cuteness to your nails for Halloween, you must try these creepy, cute nails, and you will love them.

Sharp Edge Nails

Sharp edge nails

Sharp and long almond-shaped nails are the most versatile nails that could be quickly done for Halloween. You can use colors like black, maroon, and jewels to finish the look.

Witch Season Halloween Nail Designs

Witch season Halloween nail designs

Even during Halloween, if you try to look subtle and sophisticated, you can try out these witchy nails that could play around with colors like black and light gray. These nails will look simple and put together without too much effort.

Briar Roses

Briar roses

Roses and Halloween are cute and scary designs you can try on your nails today. These nails come around quickly with colors like red, pink, black, and clear nail paint to complete the look. 

Clown Halloween Nail Design

Clown Halloween nail design

Clown nails are back on trend; you must try them before they go out of style. You can create some additional elements to give a quirky design and texture for that extra drama.

Glittery Webs

Glittery webs

If you want to go a little sassy for Halloween party night, you must undoubtedly try out these glittery webs that could be done with just black and green glitter nail paints, and you will be all done for the night without too much effort. 

Summer-Ween Halloween Nail Designs

Summer-ween Halloween nail designs

If you are looking for those fresh summer vibes, you must check out these summery Halloween nails that epitomize perfection. You only require orange and black nail designs for Halloween for these nails, and you will be all set.

Bee-some Nails

Bee-some nails

Are you looking for a funky design with a yellow color? Then we’ve got you covered; this bee-some nail design with a hint of black will be what you are looking for. It is simple to create and looks fantastic with summer outfits.

Shiny Halloween Nail Designs

Shiny Halloween nail designs

For that extra drama, you must try out these shiny Halloween nail designs, which go seamlessly with the nightclub outfits of your choice. This can be created with little effort and takes little time to complete.

Soft Pink Nails

Soft pink nails

For a cute and easy look, you can try out these soft pink nails that quickly come in handy. You only require pink, white, and black nail designs for Halloween. 

Party Night Halloween Nails

Party night Halloween nails

To be party-ready, you must try out these black and red party-themed nails that look elegant and could be easily carried out for Halloween party night. Moreover, this looks amazing on long nails.

Cute Elements

Cute elements

If you do not like too much drama but still want to look creepy for the upcoming Halloween party, then these nail designs are merely made for you. You have to create some cute elements on the nails and coat them with clear nail polish, and you will be done.

Bloody Halloween Nail Designs

Bloody Halloween nail designs

The scariest Halloween nails are those covered with blood-like elements that go exceptionally well for Halloween. You will require red, black, and glitter to complete this look.

Neon Nails

Neon nails

For sassy party nights, you can try out these neon nails with a contrasting black color that looks stunning. You can make these nails with any neon color, like yellow, pink, and more. 

Patchwork Claws Halloween Nail Designs 

Patchwork claws Halloween nail designs 

The patchwork claw nail sets are simple and elegant for the Halloween party. These nails will look cute and effortless when tried. So you must try them out for a less dramatic look. 

Spooky Chocolate 

Spooky chocolate 

If you want to try out the nail designs in any of the brown shades, then this is the nail design you need to try. You can choose any brown color, from light to dark, with some stones and jewels on selected fingers. 

French tip Halloween Nail Designs

French tip Halloween nail designs

If you could never get rid of these French tip nails, then for this Halloween, you must try out the black glittery French tip nails that look perfect for the scary party.

Skeleton Nails

Skeleton nails

The black and white, simple, and cute skeleton nails are what you need for this Halloween festival. These are a cakewalk to create; you don’t even have to go to the nail salon to get them done. Instead, you can try them at home.

White Halloween Nail Designs

White Halloween nail designs

If you have a sophisticated and presentable personality, this nail design for the Halloween party is for you. These are easy to create and look so cool and classy. 

Black Almond Nails

Black almond nails

The black almond nails could never go out of style, no matter what comes in and goes out. These nails can be done at home without any assistance. All you need is a decent black matte nail polish for this, and you will be done. 

Spider Halloween Nail Design

Spider Halloween nail design

Spider nails and Halloween parties are the perfect combination ever. These nails are easy to create and look fabulous on everybody, regardless of their chosen outfit.

Shades of Orange and Brown

Shades of orange and brown

Shades of Orange and brown are the new Halloween colors currently trending. Along with these colors, you can create simple white and black nail paint elements on selected fingers.

Spooky Elements for Halloween Nail Designs

Spooky elements for Halloween nail designs

For a simple and elegant Halloween party, you can go with this nail design that is seamless and can be done in just a few minutes without much effort. All you need to do is create some spooky elements and coat them with clear nail paint to finish the look.

Blood Drips

Blood drips

These are the perfect nail designs you can wear to a Halloween party. This looks simple yet deadly and goes well with any planned outfit. 

Black-on-Black Halloween Nail Designs

Black-on-black Halloween nail designs

Black on black is never out of fashion. You can try these nail designs anytime and any day, and they will still look fabulous. You must try them out, especially if planning a Halloween party.

Grungey Green and Spooky 

Grungey green and spooky 

The darkest and most bottomless spooky design is undoubtedly this. This design might look simple, but it seems scary as hell! All you need for these nail designs for Halloween are green and black nail designs.

Clear and Black Halloween Nail Designs

Clear and black Halloween nail designs

These nails are for Halloween but could also be carried out throughout the year for any provided season, as they are versatile and easy to get on. The elements on these nails look perfect. 

French Drips

French drips

French tip nails are versatile, and if you love them, you will also fall in love with these French drips. These nails are easy to create and can be done effortlessly at home.

Devilishly Cute Halloween Nail Designs

Devilishly cute Halloween nail designs

These nails are cute to creep, and you can blend them with various colors and jewels to make them look more Halloween-appropriate. These could be quickly done with simple colors like red, white, and black.

Red Iguana

Red iguana

Are you ready for party vibes with exciting party wear? Then look no more for nail designs; this Red Iguana is the best choice that you can make. Add some extra red stones for the drama that you want around you.

Cobweb Halloween Nail Designs

Cobweb Halloween nail designs

Cobwebs on the inverted French tip nails are precisely what you need for Halloween. These are possible and could be created like a cakewalk. Check them out, and you will love them!

French Tip Patchwork

French tip patchwork

French tip nails are great to go with every design. You can get them on for this Halloween day as well. These nails are easy to create and will take less than 10 minutes to complete the look.

Ombre Halloween Nail Designs

Ombre Halloween nail designs

Ombre nails are on trend, and before they go out of trend, you must try them out very well for the upcoming party. This design will look great for the Halloween party when combined with deep colors. 

Easy Halloween Nails

Easy Halloween nails

If you need more ideas about the Halloween party nails and more time to finish them, you can try out these simple designs that quickly come in handy without additional effort.

Rock for Halloween

Rock for Halloween

Spice up your Halloween party with a spicy orange color and a few hints of black and white Halloween nail designs to complete the look. For this, go with matte finish nail polish.

Simple Halloween Nail Designs

Simple Halloween nail designs

The simplest and easiest to create a design on the list is undoubtedly this nail design. These nails will look exceptionally cute and can be done with ease. For this, you can either go with matte or glossy shades.

Spooky Spirit

Spooky spirit

Yet again, this spooky nail art design is an effortless and elegant design you can create all by yourself. You will be done if you only need a decently red nail to make blood drip on any selected nail.

Glitter Ombre Halloween Nail Designs

Glitter ombre Halloween nail designs

Glitter ombre Halloween nails are again the most appropriate for evening party vibes. You need red, deep red, and black nail paints to draft the look, and you will love them when they are done.

Bats on Tips

Bats on tips

The scariest yet cutest nail design for Halloween is here. These nails are perfect for the party; you can quickly fix them on any outfit you wear. 

Meow Halloween Nail Designs

Meow Halloween nail designs

Black cats with hints of other elements go well on long nails. So, if you also have long, edgy nails, you must try out these nails with cat and star designs, which you will love. 

Elegant Nails

Elegant nails

If you don’t want that extra drama and are looking for something easy, you must get these nails done immediately. These are elegant purple nails with bat designs.

Dramatic Halloween Nail Designs

Dramatic Halloween nail designs

Do you love drama and extra spice? Then what are you waiting for? Try out these dramatic Halloween nails created with jewels, funky designs, and sparkles that are decent for Halloween.

Stranger Things 

Stranger things 

Add this nail design to your bucket list for extra funkiness. This nail design could be played around with various colors of your choice and different elements. 

Glowy Halloween Nail Designs

Glowy Halloween nail designs

For the last night of party nights, you must give these glowy Halloween nails a try. You will love them, as they provide an extremely glowy look at night. 

Black Swirls on Brown

Black swirls on brown

These chocolate brown nail paints with black glossy swirls are the perfect combination you could ever try. The horrifying black reel on long nails is what you need for Halloween.

Minimalist Halloween Nail Designs

Minimalist Halloween nail designs

Are you looking for something minimal, requiring little effort and time? Then these nails have got your back. You only need one nail polish for this, and that is an excellent black color to create elements.

Vampire Slayer

Vampire slayer

The vampire slayer nails are what you certainly need for the Halloween party that is right around the corner. These nails could be created from red and black nail paints and a clear coat.

Stitch×NBC Halloween Nail Designs 

Stitch×NBC Halloween nail designs 

The creepiest design of the season is here. This funkiest and most terrifying nail art design is beyond your imagination. If you want to try something out of the box, this is for you.

Glitter Frenchies

Glitter Frenchies

You can create these glitter franchises, rhinestones, or jewels on selected nails for an elegant Halloween look. These are party-appropriate designs that you can try for every season.

Scream Halloween Nail Designs

Scream Halloween nail designs

What could be a fantastic option if that is not these scream Halloween nails? These could be easily changed with colors such as white as a base and black and red as elements.

Extra Pointed Nails

Extra pointed nails

For those with extra pointy nails, this primary design goes exceptionally well with black and white Halloween nail designs. These nail designs can also be carried out for the Halloween party without any doubts.

Pumpkin Chic Halloween Nail Designs

Pumpkin chic Halloween nail designs

These nails are simultaneously scary, look chic and elegant, and could be carried out on a simple Halloween outfit or any outfit you choose. If you do not like too much design, then go for it.

Jigsaw Nails

Jigsaw nails

The deadly design is here! Try these jigsaw nails for the perfect Halloween party, and you will love them. 

Effortless Halloween Nail Designs

Effortless Halloween nail designs

If you are too lazy to get your nails done, this nail design is for those lazy days. These nail designs only require black nail paint to get the magic going. Moreover, they need little to no effort to draft.

Ghost Face

Ghost face

If Halloween is not too horrifying, it will be too dull, but you can create magic with your nails through this latent design and keep rocking throughout the party.

Velveteen Halloween Nail Designs

Velveteen Halloween nail designs

You can get your manicure going with these velvet nails for some textures instead of designs. These nails also give you the Halloween vibes you are looking for.

The Masterpiece 

The masterpiece 

Create this masterpiece with your vanity’s rhinestones, jewels, and accessories. And concerning the nail paint, you will need a spicy orange color to make it work.

Fusion Halloween Nail Designs

Fusion Halloween nail designs

This Halloween nail design is a fusion of the most appropriate designs this season. These nails have words, glitter, and whatnot. 

Brown Minimalism

Brown minimalism

Brown and brown shades are so much in trend now that you must try these minimalist brown nails with white details that are easy and go well for Halloween.

Psychedelic Halloween Nail Designs

Psychedelic Halloween nail designs

The latent and fancy design that you cannot ignore for this Halloween season. Try this with a hint of neon color to accentuate the look. 

Sculpted Acrylic Nails

Sculpted acrylic nails

This is one of the best nail designs, exceeding everyone’s expectations. These nails are given the bat’s wings and complete the look with a silver outline.

Mickey Bats Halloween Nails

Mickey bats Halloween nails

Again, these are some of the most desired designs of the season that you should try out for the Halloween party coming your way. This has everything you’re looking for. 

Monster Pops

Monster pops

The monster pops create too much drama around you, and if you enjoy such a thing, you can undoubtedly try these nail designs out. They are funky and creepy and look pretty terrifying. 

Black Jewels Halloween Nail Designs

Black Jewels Halloween nail designs

These nails are a different drama. You can get these nails with neon green and black nail paint and some hint of black jewels to accentuate all the nails along with your day’s outfit. 

Bondage Nails

Bondage nails

The black and silver stoned bondage nails are a unique, fascinating nail design you will ever try. You can certainly try them out for the Halloween party. 

Aquarium Halloween Nail Designs

Aquarium Halloween nail designs

The latest aquarium nails are a must-try for the Halloween festival. When tried in real life, these look funky and sassy, but you might be required to go to the salon to get them done, which will take time.

Gotti’s Nails

Gotti's nails

Gotti’s nails are easy to try and require less time and effort. Moreover, it only requires decent black and white Halloween nail designs to create the vibe.

Hawaiian Short Halloween Nail Design

Hawaiian short Halloween nail design

If you love trying out unique and fresh designs, you must try these Hawaiian shirt nails that give the beachy and Halloween vibes you are looking for.

Natoma Nails

Natoma nails

Here is another funky nail art you want to try for the upcoming Halloween season. These nails are easy to create and go well with your planned outfits. 

Green Witchy Halloween Nail Design

Green witchy Halloween nail design

These glossy and glittery green nails are what you need to bring everything together for this Halloween season. Blend this with black nail paint, and you will be done.

Classy Halloween Nails

Classy Halloween nails

These tan-colored nails, hinting at Halloween, are the standout factor. They are the simple, elegant, and classy short nails for this Halloween.

Glittery Rhinestone Nails

Glittery rhinestone nails

Try these silver rhinestones on selected nails while you create some spooky elements on the remaining nails for that evening party.

Silver Liquids

Silver liquids

These nails look expensive but are easy to create at home with affordability. All you need are silver glitters, stones, and glossy nail paint to complete the look for Halloween. 


Overall, this is a wrap to the article that enabled you to comprehend the 100+ Halloween nail designs. In this article, we have covered everything that you are looking for at the upcoming Halloween party.

We hope you found this article captivating and worthwhile reading. And now is the time to try the above ideas for your upcoming party. Also, make sure you keep yourself updated with the latest nail artwork that we post regularly.


Q: What are the colors that suit Halloween best?

A: Halloween nail designs are usually played with and created around deep colors such as red, maroon, brown, and black and hot colors such as orange and green. However, you can also try them out with different colors while following the theme.

Q: How do you do Halloween nails?

A: Halloween nails are easy to create, but you only need to make scary elements, such as pumpkins, skeletons, patchwork, and more. These elements are significant in creating the perfect Halloween nails. 

Q: How do you make fake Halloween nails?

A: You can make fake Halloween nails with the readily available press-on nails, or you can try making them at home with the help of a straw. 

Step to Make Halloween nails with a straw:

  • Open the split straw and fit it over the end of your finger
  • Let the straw again touch the rims of your nails
  • Now cut the required length, which must be longer than your actual nails
  • You can stick the straws together with decent nail glue
  • Now you can create the designs of your choice

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